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Planetary Mixer

Planetary mixer has great function of blending, shearing and dispersing, which suits well in dispersing and blending of materials in solid to solid, solid to liquid, liquid to liquid. Planetary mixer is widely used in chemical, food processing, drug producing, construction materials and light industries. Meanwhile, it also fits for cosmetic, ink, chocolate, sealing adhesive, adhesive, ointment, paste materials etc.

Planetary Agitator Mixer

Mixing elements rotate on a central axis in a vessel with each elements (Anchor agitator) simultaneously rotating on its own axis. There is option for agitator like: Single, Double & Triple blade. Planetary motion, generating a disturbance in the normally circular flow pattern in on axis thus to make the consummate materials’ shearing, dispersing and blending. The blades of paddles are pitched to promote top to bottom flow. In addition, self adjustable scrapers are utilized to prevent the build-up of a stagnant film between the agitator and the vessel, and assure efficient heat transfer to product during heating and cooling steps.

High Speed Homogenizer :

Toothed rotor/stator type Homo disperser, locates at the bottom of the vessel, accomplishes emulsification by physical action and centrifugal forces created by high speed rotation of the rotor. These actions would break up oil phase/ aqueous phase liquid stream into tiny and discrete droplets.

Design Features :

  • Design compliance with cGMP
    • Integrated Cleaning in Place-CIP.
    • Sterilizing In Place-SIP as an Option.
  • Batch Size
    • Available model 12 Liter to 600 Liter working Capacity.
  • Materials
    • Product Contact AISI 316L.
    • Food Grade silicon rubber for seal.
  • Vessel deign
    • Jacket for heating & cooling.
    • Vacuumize process.
    • Vessel Inside Pressure (-1 /+2 Bar)
    • Heating Jacket Pressure (-1 /+6 bar)
    • Moveable vessel up to 200 Liter.
    • Heating by steam or hot water circulation.
    • Direct cooling with water.
    • Temperature controller & safety pressure Valve.
    • Bottom discharge with valve.
  • Agitator mixer & scrapper
    • Mixing flow top to bottom in vertical axis.
    • Anchor agitator with paddle with 45°C.
    • Planetary rotating elements.
    • Option for Single, double & triple agitator.
    • Teflon scrappers with blade.
    • Scrapper cleanly working.
    • Optimize heat transfer.
    • RPM sleeplessly with variable speed drive.
  • High speed Homogenizer ( Optional)
    • Top drive homogenizer.
    • Toothed Rotor – stator type.
    • RPM sleeplessly with variable speed drive.
    • High shear & pressurization of the homogenizer.
    • Thus homogenization of high viscosities up to 400.000 mPas.
    • Homogenizer mounted on lower position in the centre of vessel.
  • Top Lid
    • Motorized top lid for lifting & lowering.
    • Safety Interlock process with limit switch.
    • Connection for Vacuum, Charging, Eye glass window, Light glass, CIP,SIP, Pressure gauge & safety valve.
  • Vacuum System
    • Water Ring Vacuum Pump.
    • Vacuum gauge & Vacuum relief valve.
  • Machine Structure
    • Rigid modular structure with AISI 304.
    • foundation is require.
  • Controls & Visualization
    • Electric Controls with digital display.
    • Optional PLC Controls with HMI Touch screen.
    • RPM and Process time entries.
    • Temperature controls- Heat/cool.
    • Vacuum start- Stop.
    • Integrated Data Recording for batch.
  • Safety Features
    • Emergency stop button
    • Safety vacuum relief valve & Indicator Gauge.
    • Safety Pressure Valve.
    • Limit switch at top lid
Planetary Mixer-100L with plain container
Planetary Mixer-200L with Jacketed container
Planetary Mixer-300L with Spraying system & wet scrubber
Planetary Mixer-300L with Jacketed Container
Planetary Mixer-150L with Jacketed Container
Planetary Mixer-15L with Jacketed Container

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Liquid Syrup - Processing
Liquid Syrup - Processing
Semi Solid-Cream-Ointment-
Semi Solid-Cream-Ointment-
Tooth Paste-Gel Processing
CIP- WIP- Bunker Washing System
CIP- WIP- Bunker Washing System
Packing Line
Packing Line